Become a road referee

These cards, in pairs of one yellow and one red, are available at Bosun Brick and SmartStone outlets. These outlets can be found on our distribution points page.

The cards are currently distributed in three ways:

  1. Corporates can buy a set of cards at R20,00 per set. Costs are covered and proceeds (R13,00) are directly donated to specified charities.
  2. Unemployed people can buy the cards from Bosun or SmartStone showrooms for R7,00 and sell them for R20,00 per set. (We are currently working with charities in order to make the implementation as practical as possible.)
  3. Retailers can buy the cards from us for R15,00 and sell them for R20,00. We will donate R8,00 of every R15,00 directly to our specified charities.

Currently this is what we are able to do. Any other ideas are welcome.
Please contact us at
We want to be better.

road ref card yellowroad ref card red